Edison and Early cinema- Assignment 1 – Bianca Williams

Edisons vision for the kinetograph and the kinetoscope were set very high. Edison thought there was money to be made with the kinetograph, which was the recorder and the kinetoscope which was the viewer. He didn’t think people would just want to sit in audiences to see an image on a screen, which was the norm.
Edison’s view and strategy changed overtime to constantly fighting for control of “his” movie industry due to the competition from companies like American Mutoscope and Biograph. To take back his control Edison would harass others, and buy patents from anyone he thought was a threat to his company.
The patent wars that Edison initiated stopped other companies from competing with him because once there company came close to what Edison’s company was doing he would file a law suit against them forcing those companies to have to change there names or find new inventions. But later on in the 1908 a lot of the companies banded together including the Edison Film Manufacturing Company who led it all, to come together and work cooperative instead of competing against one another.


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